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Breasts, the part of a woman's body that ages the most quickly

Cooper’s ligament is what holds the breast line elastically and the amount of collagen and fat in the
cooper’s ligament start to decrease in the mid-20s and the aging of the breasts progresses.
In this process, the breasts lose elasticity and becomes rough. In particular, giving birth, breastfeeding an
diet through extreme control of food induces rapid reduction of fat in the breasts and speeds up aging.

15 Minutes a day for me

Breasts that protrude from the body are the skin that is most affected by gravity. EVE RHEA,
a breast elasticity beauty device born after long research by the
Only specialized breast enlargement medical device manufacturer in : TA Networks Co. Ltd
Take care of your precious breasts with EVE RHEA 15 minutes a day.

EVERHEA Be is Different

Breast enhnacement Product
Breast Enhancement Products

You will believe in it, the more you use our breast care product.

Raised confidence with a minimum 15 minute ~1 hour of use a day.

EVE RHEA is a BREAST CARE SYSTEM using negative pressure.
BREAST CARE SYSTEM that helps form beautiful breasts by increasing the
breast elasticity through continuous stimulation of the breasts.

Answer to Breast care EVER RHEA

Beast Worry + Scientific Principle + Home Care

Principle of Everhea

Breast Styler EVE RHEA

Principle of EVE RHEA

  1. Repetitive Stretch Principle
    It is the principle of lizarov that extends the length of bones,
    a principle that secures space through repetitive stimulation
    and then replenishes the empty space slowly by using the
    body’s regenerative ability.
  2. Principle of Body Homeostasis Using Negative Pressure
    By using two cycling modes per second, the space in the
    breasts (breast room) is secured and the core elastic density
    of the fat layer is firmly increased to create a natural
    and lively chest
  3. Ergonomic Design
    The human body consists of numerous bends and the
    breasts are as diverse in shape as the face. Considering the
    shape of the human body, the breasts are extended into
    a dome optimized for development in a three-dimensional
    shape and the elasticity of the breasts is formed.

Breast Elasticity Creation Pattern

Breast Creation pattern

Breast Elasticity Creation Pattern

The EVE RHEA system progressively builds up the core elasticity through the repetition of breasts swelling when worn and sinking down when taken off.

Although the breasts elasticity creation graph that is shown has a seesaw patter of the breasts swelling then sinking down, in actuality, it forms a linear breast elasticity creation.

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