EVE RHEA Support Bra

  Breast Specializing Company,

Non Surgical Breast Lift Support bra

Specially designed for the EVE RHEA system

EVE RHEA Non Surgical Breast Lift SUPPORT BRA

  • It is necessary for the secure wearing of the EVE RHEA system, and it is designed to accommodate the EVE RHEA dome.
  • The zipper in the center makes the support bra easy to wear and the shoulder straps are adjustable.
  • It is made with spandex and fine mesh for good ventilation.
Non Surgical Breast Lift helping bra

EVE RHEA Non Surgical Breast Lift SUPPORT BRA


Non Surgical Breast Lift BRA
Convenient length


get bigger breasts

S/ M / L (Order the same size as the selected EVE RHEA system dome size) * When you need to purchase in size L – When the dome size you use is W/M, N/L – when the under breast circumference is more than 75 cm when your BMI is over 20

How to wash – Hand wash with a mild detergent, use a laundry net when washing in the washing machine, no chlorine bleaching or ironing

Materials Nylon, Spandex

Manufacturing Supply TA Networks Co. Ltd

Manufacturing Country Korea

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