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The difference in the Breast Augmentation Device dome decides the shape of the breasts.

Medical silicone minimizes skin irritation!


01 Upper Dome: Plastic Cup

02 Silicone Buffer: Rim

03 Tube connecting part

( POINT) The height of the dome lowers as the device pressure forms.

Before presure Eve Rhea Dom

Before device pressure formation

After presure Eve Rhea Dom

After device pressure formation

(POINT) Breast Augmentation Device dome uses medical silicone for comfortable skin contact.

Skin Adhensive side dom

Skin adhesive side

Silicon elasticity dom

Silicone elasticity


It is categorized into 2 types according to the user's breast width (under chest circumference).

Narrow dom




It is divided into S / M / L according to the size (height) of the breasts.


Dome cup size is determined by the difference between the upper and lower breasts.

The transparency of the dome may vary depending on the size of the cup. 

EVE RHEA Dome Attachment Method

Breast Augmentation Device

After checking the right (R) and the left (L) at the top of the dome, spread the dome on both sides, lean slightly and collect the breasts into dome and attach.


Dom Set

For those who have difficulty in attaching because of the small breast width, it is helpful to attach the dome in a V shape by pushing the dome in as much as possible.

Precautions for EVE RHEA Dome Care

  1. Dome is a consumable product and its service life may vary depending on how it is used and maintained. Please be informed of the contents of the manual provided when using the product.
  2. When removing the dome, be sure to remove the dome after all the pressure of the device has been released. If the dome is forcibly removed before the pressure is released, it can irritate the skin.
  3. Clean the removed dome only with a dome cleanser.
  4. If the dome is not used for a long time, the adhesive surface may get damaged by foreign materials. Please store by attaching the plastic that is provided inside the set box at the time of purchase. 

Please replace the dome in the following cases

> If the nipple continuously touches the dome for more than 3-4 days, replace it with a one-size larger dome.

However, the swelling may be temporarily maximized during menstrual periods or when worn for a long time. Please replace it if the nipple still touches the dome after checking your breast condition when your period ends and after returning to normal use pattern within 1 hour.

> When the pressure on the breasts from the round part of the dome is too strong due to the weakened buffer of the silicone rim, which is the dome's buffer.

> When the pressure leaks or the right pressure is not formed due to breakage (cracking and crushing, etc.) of the silicone rim, which is the dome's buffer.

> Please contact the EVE RHEA Customer Center (: +82 10 4399 6207) if you want more accurate information on the dome's status.

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