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3-dimensional negative pressure that creates the core elasticity of the breasts.

0.5 Second Breast Elasticity Miracle

EVE RHEA is a specialized breast beauty styler with proven national project technology. Unconditional pressure of pulling will only add excessive irritation to your breasts.

Increase Breast Size through Breast Enlargement Device


Golden time of negative pressure tension found by unrelenting research.

Twice per second air inlet and 2-step negative pressure control mode protect skin irritation and strengthen the elasticity of the breasts’ core.

Everhea Cyclic Mode

EVE RHEA Cycling Mode Schematic Data

In the twice per second air inlet process, it proceeds in normal and safe mode as optimized negative pressure care mode and raises the core elasticity
EVE RHEA Breasts External Breast Room Formation Process

EVE RHEA Breasts' External Breast Room Formation Process

Breast Pulling Effect

3D Breast Pulling Effect

Breast Elasticity Creation Process

Breast Creation Process step1


Physical Stimulation Stage (3D negative pressure Stimulation )

Breast Creation Process step2


Breast Room Space Securing Stage (Elasticity that rises from the inside)

Breast Creation Process step3


Breast Tissue Cell Growth Stage (Increases core elasticity)

Breast Creation Process step 4


Breast Tissue Density Maintenance Stage (Maintains changed volume & elasticity)

Breast Elasticity Creation Process

  • Step 01 > Start EVE RHEA
  • Step 02 > Step to secure breast room space by the external pulling effect of the breasts in response to the continuous stimulation from a specified negative pressure pattern
  • Step 03 > Step to secure the elasticity from the core by moving fat to the secured space
  • Step 04 > Step to fill and maintain the density of breast elasticity

Will you let your precious breasts be handled anywhere?

Check to make sure that it is medical silicone.

Medical silicon


Pressure-dispersing buffering rim designed to prevent skin necrosis

Medical Silicone Coating
Medical Silicone Coating figure

Medical Silicone Coating

The figure explains the coating of adhesive silicone to prevent air leakage on the body contact surface (3) of the pressure distribution pad. (See top right image)

In order to maintain the vacuum pressure for a longtime, air leakage of the device attached to the breasts needs to be reduced. This invention is designed to minimize air leakage by applying medical silicone with an adhesive force that is harmless to the human body on the body contact surface of the pressure dispersion pad.

Breast photo 2

Pressure dispersion principle

This diagram explains the direction of the applied force when distributing pressure.

If the hardness of the pad used for pressure dispersion is a hard material, the force acts as shown in the top left image, causing the side effect of stretching the breast skin. Therefore, in the invention of this EVE RHEA, it was designed by applying silicone gel on the pressure dispersion pad after confirming that it is the ideal soft material in which the deflecting force can be applied in the direction of the applied pressure as shown in the top right image.

Before Pressure

After Pressure

Do you know the difference between domes?

The reason for buying expensive luxury items for even a piece of a cotton tee is for the completeness of pursuing perfection even with a single needle, single stitch and the small details.

Desired Breast Shape


The difference in dome determines the shape of the breasts.

Optimizing dome shape development following the 3-dimensional structure of the body.

In order to maintain a long vacuum pressure, the design of the skin attachment surface of the device (dome) attached to the breasts is also very important. Since the structure of the human body is three-dimensional, if it is designed by the prior patent technology (Special 2003-0004489), which is described as a simple cup shape, air leaks out because it does not adhere to the breasts. In the invention of EVE RHEA, the cup was designed to fit the three-dimensional curve of the breasts.


Normal Dome Shape

Normal Dome Shape

Normal The normal dome shape is a forced cup shape that does not take into account the shape of the breasts and has the possibility of deformation.

Everhea Dome Shape

EVE RHEA Dome shape

The cup (dome) is designed according to the three-dimensional curved surface of the breasts to naturally extend the breasts.

Breast 3D Shape

We present the optimal breast shape with customized modeling domes made in 6 patterns of women’s body type with different balance, silhouette, and line.

Breast 3D shape

It is categorized into 2 types according to the user’s breast width (under breast circumference)

Breast 3D shape size

It is divided into S/ M / L according to the size (height) of the breasts

No longer planar but 3-dimensional pressure dispersion

Since the human body is a three-dimensional curved surface rather than a plane, we introduced a 3D pressure dispersion system through an “Effective Pressure Dispersion Equation” to realize the beautiful shape of breasts.

Pressure Dispersion Equation

A : Area inside the cup
Pv : Pressure acting inside the cup
R : Area of the pressure dispersion pad
Ps : Pressure acting on the pressure dispersion pad

The pressure is effectively distributed when the area inside the cup = the area of the pressure dispersion pad

A device (cup) that applies pressure to the chest to effectively distribute the pressure applied to the chest. It was confirmed that the area of the pad that can disperse pressure needed to be as large as the inside area.  The top drawing is of a pad invented to disperse pressure

Equation for the effective distribution of pressure.

The best technology of EVE RHEA technology is the regulator that generates pressure within the threshold range of breast cell necrosis (tissue damage) in the direct stimulus of women’s breast muscles and the built-in safety device that can control the pressure when pressure generation goes over this range.

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