Clinical Test

  Breast Specializing Company,

Evaluation of human efficacy on improving elasticity

Human body application test complete

Human Body Clinical Test

Breast Skin Elasticity

Outer Elasticity

Inner Elasticity

Elasticity Restoration Force

Testing Agency

Global Medical Research Center Co., Ltd.

Test Subject

22 adult women aged 20-59 who meet the criteria for test subject selection and exclusion

Test Name

Human Efficacy Evaluation of EVE RHEA's Temporary Breast Skin Elasticity Improvement & Triple Breast Skin Elasticity Improvement

Test Period

2019.07.22 - 2019.08.20 4 Weeks

Test Method

Breast skin elasticity, outer elasticity, and inner elasticity measurement and elasticity restoration force measurement efficacy evaluation, safety and adverse reaction evaluation

Outer Elasticity

rge Natural Breasts Outer elasticity Clinical Test

Inner Elasticity

Inner Elasticity

Elasticity Restoration Force

Elasticity Restoration force

Elasticity increase confirmed from wearing and become large Natural Breasts, EVE RHEA for 15 minutes a day for both 2 weeks and 4 Breast Skin Elasticity UP, Outer Elasticity UP, Inner Elasticity UP, Elasticity Restoration Force UP

EVE RHEA Large Natural Breasts Elasticity Clinical Test

Testing Agency : Seoul University Bundang Hospital
Test Subject : 15 adult women aged 19-45 who wants to improve the skin elasticity of both breasts
Test Name : A Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of EVE RHEA Beauty Device in Women Wanting Breast Elasticity
Test Method : Breast elasticity increase and efficacy measurement, safety evaluation

EVE RHEA Breast Elasticity Clinical Test

Evaluation of human efficacy on improving elasticity

Testing Agency: Seoul University Bundang Hospital


Large tits device -Test Product


Large Tits - Test Elasticity increase

Clinical test resulted in an average +6 increase in breast elasticity after 4 weeks of use

(+1 elasticity is approximately 1 year of body age)

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